From the Farm to the City – Autumn 2018, Produce magazine (Westpac)

“When I moved to Australia from South Africa 30 years ago, I bought meat from the supermarket, but, when I tried grass-fed for the first time, it had so much more flavour. It tasted like the meat I’d eaten growing up,” says Paula Horwitz, managing director, Field to Fork, an independent butcher in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs.

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Dolphin Saviours – Autumn 2018, Pacific magazine (P & O Cruises)

Between fishing line, plastic bags and predators, daily life is hazardous for Australia’s sea creatures. However, they can count on a helping hand at Tangalooma Island Resort, Queensland, where the Marine Education and Conservation Centre looks after local wildlife. During her 20 years as Dolphin Care Manager, Sue Hassard has rescued eight dolphins, plus countless turtles and birds.

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A Weekender’s Guide To Broken Hill – July 2016, Concrete Playground

You could spend a weekend in Broken Hill doing nothing but gazing at the sky. In autumn, huge cloud formations battle against the sun all day long, and, come evening, you’ve never seen so many stars. Perhaps it’s this, along with the striking red earth of the surrounding desert, that attracts so many artists to this 18,000-person outback town, about 1200 kilometres west of Sydney and 850 kilometres north of Melbourne.

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A Guide to Sydney’s Islands


Island hopping is the done thing in Thailand, Fiji and, of course, The Whitsundays. In Sydney, however, its potential passes us by. Sure, we might pop over to Cockatoo Island for the odd spot of glamping, especially when the Biennale rolls around, or crowd onto Clark Island for New Year’s Eve. But catch a ferry or paddle a kayak to one of our isles during the workday week, and you may well find yourself as lonesome as Robinson Crusoe. It’s time to pack your desert island wish list and start mapping out your adventure.

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Too Busy? Reclaim Your Time With These Six Killer Strategies


Busier than a fox let loose in a chicken coop? Can’t remember the last time you simply sat down and relaxed? Between Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, Tindr, happn and real-life stuff like work and friends, it’s all too easy to see every day as a race against the clock. But like the Roman philosopher Seneca wrote: ‘Life is long, if you know how to use it.’ If your time poverty is turning into a chronic disease, consider these suggestions.

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Into the Heart of London


To arrive in London via the Thames is to leap straight into England’s heart. Perhaps no other force has had so powerful an impact on the nation’s past. Legend goes that the first human to live on the river was a Trojan prince named Brutus, who ousted a local community of giants. Believe that or not, it’s certainly true that, around 50AD, the Romans stormed in. Pouncing on the Thames’s prime location for trade, they founded the lively settlement of Londinium and laid down the city’s first bridge, where London Bridge is today.

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Uncle Kurt’s: Parramatta’s First Small Bar


Take a Brooklyn aesthetic, top-shelf creative cocktails and one of the most moreish Reuben sandwiches in Sydney. Blend, then place in a graffiti-plastered room with barred windows, hidden away in a multi-level car park. The result is Uncle Kurt’s, Parramatta’s first small bar and winner of the Time Out Neighbourhood Bar of the Year 2018.

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